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Bicycles Parked on the South Washington Street Bridge
Bicyclist & Pedestrian Counts

BMTS has installed 12 bicyclist and pedestrian counters across the BMTS Planning Area on the Greenway Trail system. These counters can be useful to show trends and how much use each trail receives. BMTS publishes a monthly report discussing the counts and trends experienced that month across the greenway system, as well as an interactive map below that showcases monthly and running total counts broken down by user type. 

August 2021 Bicyclist & Pedestrian Counts Map

*The counters were installed on different dates for different locations, running totals should not be used for comparison purposes. The Confluence Tunnel Counter was malfunctioning during the month of August and is not included in this report.

August 2021 Report

Full Year 2020 Bike/Ped Counts Report

Previous Reports: