Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The federally-mandated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) outlines all of the federally-funded transportation projects, voted on and approved for the BMTS Planning Area over a five year period. These improvements cover various transportation modes and facilities, including roadways and bridges, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, transit equipment and services, and safety improvements.  


The interactive map below showcases the 2020-2024 newly programed surface transportation projects. The bubbles show point projects, like repairing a bridge or installing a new traffic light at an intersection. The larger the bubble, the larger the investment made. Additionally, the segments show investments made on specific road segments, such as repaving or reconfiguration; the thicker the segment, the larger the investment made in that project. Segments or bubbles with the same color mean that they are of the same project but have multiple locations for improvements. Click on the bubbles or segments to learn more about specific projects!

FFY 2017 - FFY 2019 MPO Self-Certification

FFY 2014 - FFY 2016 MPO Self-Certification

Initial Project Proposal Request Form (IPP) - revised 5/2018

Annual Listings of Obligated Projects by FFY

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects  FFY 2018 - please contact BMTS